Guatemala Aurora

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Wholebean Coffee


Tasting Notes: Salted Caramel, Hazelnuts, Tamarind

100% Arabica

Recommended for: Brewed coffee, Espresso

This coffee has undergone a relatively new type of processing called washed anaerobic fermentation; this means the fermentation process, where sugars contained within the coffee seeds are turned into different types of acidity and other aromatic compounds, takes place without the presence of oxygen due to the storage of the coffee seeds in sealed tanks rather than open water basins as with regular fully washed processing. The coffee cherries are harvested at their optimum ripeness; they are then pulped to get rid of most of the fruity flesh surrounding the coffee seed and fermented in an airtight water tank for 72h. This allows the producer to gain much better control over the fermentation process. It can be slowed down and stretched out over a longer period of time which results in an incredibly clean and well defined cup profile and increases overall quality and consistency. Afterwards, the coffee beans are washed in clean water and dried in two stages: in the first stage a mechanical dryer is used to get rid of a lot of the moisture contained in the parchment coffee, in the second stage the coffee grains are spread out on stretchers to get moisture levels down to a final 10 to 11% - the ideal moisture level of green coffee to prevent it from aging too quickly during transport and storage.