Unkle Funka Espresso

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In the words of Extract Coffee Roasters:

"Funka is back! For this year’s Funka we’re taking the funk from the 70s into the 80s with a return to long-time partners, La Marianela, in Colombia. We’ve been working with father and son, Hernan and Pablo Dorronsoro, since 2013.

Hernan, a skilled agronomist, has been producing incredible coffee since purchasing the farm in the 1980s. The farm is run with the utmost care for coffee, the environment, and it’s workers. Areas of the farm are treated as a nature reserve protecting natural forest and wildlife, workers are provided housing and the coffee goes through meticulous quality control.

Four years ago we embarked on a series of experimental lots with Pablo to create a natural-process coffee. Three harvests later and we’re stoked to have this incredible coffee as this year’s Funka

Skilled pickers pick the ripest cherries. These are fermented then dried in La Marianela’s custom build kiln for drying. Leaving the fruit and skins of the cherries to ferment on the bean, natural processing, imparts boozy, fruity flavours. These exceptional flavours and quality mean La Marianela can sell the coffee at a premium. This payoff is not without risk, however. If the coffee over-ferments, the whole batch could be lost.

At a time when the market price for coffee is lower than the cost of production, not to mention the impact of coronavirus, these risks are worthwhile, and higher earning lots such as this one, are a necessity for La Marianela, it’s workers and their families.

The resulting coffee is a synthsy, funky, fruity espresso. An ode to La Marianela and Dorronsoro family; funkin’ cool since the 1980s."