Job Opportunities

Join the NIZI Bakery Team


Full-time, shifts include nights and weekend, competitive hourly pay. *Experience required*

We are looking for a skilled and passionate baker to join our team.

We are an award-winning artisan micro bakery in the heart of Hereford. We produce a vast range of high quality sourdoughs, long fermentation breads, as well as sweet and savoury pastries.


I am David and I opened NIZI bakery almost two years ago.

I am looking for a talented and passionate baker to join our micro bakery in the heart of Hereford.

Ideally you’re a baker with knowledge and experience of working with long fermentation processes for bread as well as viennoiserie, with previous experience working in an artisan bakery.

I want to be honest from the start: the team is really small, but really passionate about producing the best products we are capable of. So, attention to detail and being able to cope with multiple tasks are essential for me and my team. You will have to work as part of a small team as well as independently.

The key aspects of my philosophy are flavour, sustainability and the strong sense of community that we have in and around the bakery. An advantage would be if you have a particular interest in this approach, as we are very keen to develop ideas and processes as a team to improve the quality of our ingredients, sourcing sustainably and locally where possible, reducing waste, as well as finding that elusive work-life balance to ensure this career is also sustainable for us as bakers.

NIZI is an open-plan bakery, so customers can see that connection between the work and skill of a baker and the products they are buying.

Working hours involve night shifts typically starting at midnight and weekends on a rota based on four days per week.

If this philosophy strikes a chord with you, and you’re already starting to imagine what it would be like to join NIZI Bakery, please send me an email (to [email protected]) with your CV and a cover letter explaining why you would love to join me and the team. In your cover letter, please describe in detail your skills and experience as an artisan baker.