The VIP way to order your bread*

Whether you’re a real-bread-everyday person or more the sourdough-as-a-weekend-treat sort, our standing order is a nifty little way to make sure your favourites are always reserved when you want them.

(It’s a bit like a subscription, but with more flexibility and less hassle, so it slots nicely into your lifestyle.)

*Or Cinnamon Swirls. Or Tuscan-style Sausage Rolls. Even Granola...I think you get the picture :-)

As you probably already know, the best way to get your favourite pastries and bread is usually by preordering. We always bake extras to sell at the bakery, but it does happen that things sell out earlier than expected sometimes.

But of course, that means that if you don’t preorder and find yourself running late, stuck in traffic (this is Hereford after all), or caught up in a lengthy chat with Derek from down the road…you might miss out on your ciabatta.

And that would be a real shame.

That’s why we have another way of ordering. For Very Important People (that’s you). Set up a regular order to reserve your favourite treats for collection or delivery* every week (or however often you fancy them).

So you can get on with enjoying your life and know that we’ll be baking bread and pastries just for you.

*The minimum order for an eco-friendly delivery of fresh bread by bike with a standing order is only £10.

How does it work?

· Pick your order for the month based on our regular menu of products.

· Decide how often you’d like your order, twice a week, every week, every fortnight…it’s up to you.

· Choose whether you’d like to collect your order from the bakery or have it delivered by bike to your home in Hereford.

· Send us an email at [email protected] or click here to pop everything into a contact form.

· Sit back, relax, and look forward to enjoying your bread and pastries.

What will you choose?

The Classics

Get a weekly home delivery by bike of:

1 NIZI Sourdough (100% organic)

1 Baguette de Tradition francaise

1 cinnamon swirl

2 croissants

(Add a once-a-month packet of granola if you like.)

The Real Bread Aficionado's choice

Collect from the bakery

Wednesdays -1 NIZI Sourdough

Fridays - 1 San Francisco Style Sourdough and 1 Baguette

Plus 2 Cinnamon Swirls every fortnight :-)

Hey, surprise-me!

Get a delivery each week of

1 7 Seeds Sourdough

1 Ciabatta

2 Surprise Pastries

2 Surprise Savouries

(we’ll choose these for you, just shout if there's anything you don’t fancy)

These are just suggestions. The whole point is that you choose exactly what you want and love.

I've decided! Book my regular order for this month.